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Boukary is a native of Burkina Faso. His youth was strongly marked by poverty due to a father who struggled to take care of him.  Forced to become mature early to survive, he decided to immigrate to Mali to find work. Once there, he tried to learn the Koran with a view of becoming an Imam, but finally convinced that it was not his vocation, he decided once again to try the adventure. This is how the courageous Boukary found himself in Côte d'Ivoire with the intention of finding a new activity. His ambition was to open a small food shop, but without much money to carry out his project, he decided to cultivate the land. 

Boukary was nevertheless able to build a small life for himself. Settled in Brihiri for 7 years with his family, he farms a small plot of 1 hectare of cocoa. He wants to diversify his income and solicits supporters to obtain a plot of 1 ha of rice.

Boukary clung to his dream of a better life. He still has hope that he will be able to carry out his food shop project.

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